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2013/10/14: Commentary: The Howie Mandel administration?

October 14, 2013 Leave a comment

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COMMENTARY: Monday, October 14, 2013.

DONDmandelBRIEFCASE-131014Deal or No Deal?

…so what’s it going to be?

We’re sorry. We know the current negotiations in Washington DC are serious business, and will continue to affect the lives of ordinary Americans… and in a worst case scenario, possibly many far from our shores as well. No joking matter.

And yet, on one level the current state of the negotiations has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime… Democratic Party over reach to rival the previous Republican insanity. They are still asking the Republicans to restore government funding as a precursor to any real budget negotiations. In other words, much the same as the ‘secret briefcase’ prizes Howie Mandel would use on the US TV game show Deal or No Deal.

First they approve what the Democrats want, and then the Republicans get to find out what’s in the case. Just like on TV… trade away what you may have (can’t be sure what that is either) for some other unknown. Except the nature of the ‘secret briefcase’ the Dems are offering has changed into something not so secret…

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