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2012/03/08: When is today not today? When it’s PSI participation results!

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

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Yes indeed, today is the deadline for the next European Sovereign Debt Crisis decision: PSI (Private Sector Involvement) decision on whether to participate in the ‘voluntary’ dilution of the value of their outstanding Greek bonds. Regardless of how that turns out, we must say it’s refreshing to finally actually have a bona fide deadline of any sort for what has been the otherwise amorphous European success in simply “kicking the can down the road.” And yet, in terms of its actual impact on the markets, it really isn’t actually, officially today that counts

…because the 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST; 14:00 CST) deadline for bondholders to decide is not the moment we will find out the actual results. Those will be announced Friday at 07:00 CET (Central European Time: 06:00 GMT; 01:00 EST; 00:00 CST.) While it is probably fair to allow some time to review the results after the formal deadline, this just shifts one more of the intensive late week influences we had highlighted at the top of the week for today into tomorrow into the last trading day of the week.

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2012/03/07: Courtesy access to ‘Brief Update’ and extended discussion in new format

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Short & Sweet on the specific market comments in this post, because yesterday’s TrendView Brief Update was also actually very brief for a change. That is because the equities key technical indications were very well crystalized for the sharp failure yesterday after such a long churn to the upside. And we are referring you back to yesterday’s analysis because the levels and psychology explored there for the March S&P 500 future remain the same for the critical late week period.

And one of the reasons we did not post to the blog during the highly active market swings yesterday was that we felt the more critical decision will be made in the late part of this week. Yet not necessarily solely upon the market response to the US Employment report. As we noted in the title of Monday’s post, “You better have ‘game’ prior to Friday…” (which was to say prior to Friday’s US Employment influence.)

And why is that? Because of all the factors we have covered previous on the more critical nature of the next phase of the attempt to address the European Sovereign Debt Crisis. That is something we have explored at length in previous analysis. Any of our regular readers should have been ready for the potential market dislocation under the influence of (finally) a more definitive deadline for at least the current attempt to defuse any immediate sharp failure of those European rescue efforts.

Which gets us to the other reason we were not available to add another post to our already extensive observations in that area yesterday morning. In addition to all of our highly active institutional analysis and sharing our background thoughts on the blog, we have resurrected a previous media role that allows for more extensive, open-ended discussion of those factors.

And I am very excited once again about

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