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2012/11/01: Wait for it… heeeere it comes: US General Election Delay?

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Yes, indeed, we know. This is something that a few folks have noted before, only to see it immediately refuted by the powers-that-be. But when you think about it…

…does either side have any interest in going forward if it is possible that any major portion of the Northeast remains dysfunctional on Tuesday in the wake of Super Storm Sandy? The Democrats surely wouldn’t want one of their bastions of electoral strength to be left without full and fair representation.

And what about the Republicans? Well, there are areas where they are very strong and the election is critical in Appalachia and elsewhere. Even if the powers-that-be on each side of the political divide allow that it might all average out, isn’t this a dangerous precedent for the standpoint electoral enthusiasm? In an America already suffering from an unhealthy level of voter apathy (at least up until 2010), is a “Don’t worry if you didn’t get to vote; it’ll all average out” a quality ethic for either party?

And there is one more very good reason. Almost all informed observers allow this is more of a battle for the very soul of the United States than the election of any particular individual. While Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney are the standard bearers at the top of each ticket, the stakes are more so the basic philosophy of government that may well dominate the US for a generation.

Is it going to continue to become increasingly statist along the lines of the Obama approach (with a major assist from his predecessor’s abandonment of some cherished Republican precepts)? Or is it going to go back to the more self-sufficient ‘classic’ American tendencies that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan assert (rightfully or not) they will be able to put back in place?

And there is an important accelerant on all that partisan perspective that neither side has been very vocal about throughout the entire process, precisely because it is the most important prize. The truth that nobody dare speak too loudly is that


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2012/05/07: Quick Post: ALERT: Is US equities weakness a trend reversal?

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[Current Calendar and Weekly Report & Event Summary Perspective to be updated later today.]

After initial negative equities reactions to the swing to the Left in Europe settled down, the stock markets are not doing too badly. Even in Europe (with the UK and Ireland Closed for a holiday today) the relative damage is modest. We need to allow that is in the context of European markets that have been trending down for the past month-and-a-half.

Considering how far June S&P 500 future has fallen since shortly after the ECB press conference last Thursday (when it was still in the mid-low 1,390s), it is still only back down to important support. As we had noted in the Rohr-Blog post that morning Weak data, France headed for Socialism, ECB against stimulus… “…fundamental drivers for the markets are possibly headed for another significant disconnect.” And June S&P 500 future foreshadowed that by closing on Thursday below the key 1,390.20 level.


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2012/05/03: Weak data, France headed for Socialism, ECB against stimulus…

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It seems the fundamental drivers for the markets are possibly headed for another significant disconnect. Yet the markets are ignoring it for now. Possibly that is because whether there is a dislocation in Europe will not be completely clear until after Sunday’s French Presidential election and Greek Parliamentary elections. However, that does not lessen the degree to which the mindset of the European people (and some European governments), the economic data, and the current stance of the European Central Bank might be at odds.

This has become more apparent through the French Presidential debate allowing Monsieur Hollande to maintain his lead over President Sarkozy. It is of course still possible that the current French head of state will attract enough votes from the Far Right to defeat the challenger in Sunday’s poll. Yet, we must admit that the prospect of the Socialist victory in the presidential election is creating far less concern in the markets than we might’ve suspected from yesterday’s Showdown at French Election Corral.

The consistent weakness of the international economic data (now including US ISM Non-Manufacturing Index) is making Tuesday’s strong US ISM Manufacturing Index ever more the outlier in a weakening global economy (as we had already noted yesterday.) While there might be a surprise in tomorrow morning’s (holiday delayed) European Services Purchasing Managers’ Indices, any further confirmation of weakness there will set a very negative tone into the important US Employment report.

That is already somewhat suspect due to the weakness of yesterday’s ADP private employment figure and this morning’s Challenger Job Cuts pushing up once again. Whatever else we may see, the prospect of further weakness in economic data would seem to justify the “growth” versus austerity agenda of those on the Left. And yet, at today’s post-rate decision press conference ECB President Draghi seemed far more focused on reform rather than any further stimulus. And that is just the sort of thing that might leave the central bank on the opposite side of popular rejection of austerity…

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2012/04/23: Quick Post: Weekly Calendar and Perspective Available

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The Weekly Report & Event Calendar is now available through the link in the right hand column. The focused comments below it are already available as well in the calendar section as the now regular weekly Summary Perspective on key influences. We hope you find that useful as well.

For those of you who have not already seen it, there is a lot of emphasis on Wednesday and Friday this week. However, as opposed to last week’s clear focus on Thursday’s 10 year Obligaciones (Spanish government bond) auction, this week has critical influence into and after Wednesday’s FOMC rate decision, statement and projections that are followed by Mr. Bernanke’s press conference. It is not a US Payrolls Friday this week, but the cumulative effect of the Friday economic releases are likely to be equally as influential…

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2011/08/10: How We Got Here-IV: Welcome to the Island, Survivor (…we hope)

August 10, 2011 5 comments

Yep, it seems to have all turned into a big game of Survivor… And the two-way stretch from the stress factors is obvious. Getting through this is going to be a test of who can stand the huge amount of cognitive dissonance imposed from the outside. That includes the increasingly tedious and blindingly benighted machinations of the political class and alleged financial luminaries, and the radical, rabid dog reactions it foments in the markets.

It increasingly seems this is going to be a test of endurance, as Ben Bernanke was probably right to indicate that there won’t be much need to raise rates between now and mid-2013. In other words, after his previous soothing views on the economy and markets, the Fed head has thrown in the towel on expecting anything truly positive to develop in the intermediate term. And that’s not just us playing off his perceptions, as we have been great skeptics of the ability to return to an upbeat economic environment in spite of any improvement in equities and risk assets. And neither is it plain old bearish talk. Beyond the fiscal and debt ceiling dilemmas, there is good reason to believe it can’t get better this side of the next US general election.

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