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2013/10/03: Commentary: Got that old ‘2011’ feeling back… and not just us!!

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COMMENTARY: Thursday, October 3, 2013.

 CNBC-OBAMAharwoodINTVW-131002Crisis? What US government funding crisis?

Uh-Oh… even the Prez is allowing this one ain’t good!! We don’t agree with a lot of what the President has put in place (in fact we disagree with most of it.) Yet he was right to caution that markets are likely being too sanguine in the face of these unyielding positions on both sides.

You’d think from the way the markets are behaving there is no crisis looming in the US. This could be a major bit of cognitive dissonance brewing for the investor class (including more than a few ostensibly well-informed fund managers.) What we are witnessing is a short term disconnect that most folks expect will be readily corrected, yet which might carry more dire implications even across the short term.

While not wanting to play Cassandra, this all feels a lot more like July 2011 Redux than anything seen in any of the mini-crises since then.

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2012/04/09: Courtesy ‘Market Alert’ from Friday… Back in tomorrow

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Short & Sweet on the specific market comments in this post, because we are out today with the UK and Europe. That said, Friday’s TrendView Market Alert was also a view on some very interesting influences coming up early this week. Might this possibly be the beginning of a more substantial significant trend reversal in equities? That’s quite a bit more problematic into the beginning of a new quarter and the June S&P 500 future only dropping to initial support at 1,375-67 so far. 

And without a new trading high of any substance last week (i.e. only marginally above the previous week’s 1,415.50), there is not even a bona fide pattern top in place. While across time the equities might still be topping out, the seasonal phase and significant support below the market indicate any major trend reversal will most likely occur on a ‘trading’ basis. There will more likely be some further filling out in a more convincing top between the mid-1,300 and low-1,400 area than any further sharp capitulation.

That said, there are a couple of wild cards out there.

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2011/10/05: QuickPost: The Fed, Jobs, Housing and Europe

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Much remains the same as yesterday in terms of the negative influences. And in our view those emanating from the US will count for even more of the future weakness in the intermediate term than the obvious headline focus on Europe.

Which is a bit of a radical view in light of the increasing social unrest response to draconian austerity measures in Greece. There are also the problems at the banks that have been highlighted by the problems at Dexia, leading to an admission by the European powers-that-be that just possibly banks which hold a significant amount of underwater sovereign debt are indeed going to need recapitalization; which is to say further significant support from the state.

Even in light of that admission being welcomed by the markets in the form of yesterday’s US equities late session sharp recovery from new lows, so far this is just so much talk. That said, getting back to sharply higher on the day from much lower did establish important technical bottoms for US equities (more on that below.)

However, all that still leaves the question that we have asked many times before: does crisis mitigation necessarily amount to a restoration of global growth that will be truly positive for economies and equity markets? And commensurately burdensome for government bond markets and the US dollar?

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