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2012/05/18: Courtesy ‘Brief Update’ and Correction on FT link

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Short & Sweet on the specific market comments in this post, because today’s TrendView Brief Update was an extended discussion of the various price trend at a psychologically important juncture after the recent market ‘disconnect’. In fact, quite a bit of that is follow-up on the other asset classes (i.e. outside of equities) psychology and technical trend structure after the extensive background in yesterday’s post.

And that includes an important correction for a link in yesterday’s post. After our glowing reference for James Mackintosh’s coverage of the weakness in Gold reflecting some broader tendencies we had been anticipating for some time, the link provided for the online version of his Short View column was incorrect. That has now been addressed, and we still encourage even those who had read the post to revisit the link into the video embedded in the online version of his assessment. Apologies for the error and any duplication of effort, but the video is well worth viewing.

And the technical aspect of the evolution of the ‘macro-technical’ perspective is still very important with such fraught fundamental tendencies still affecting the markets. After all of the background factor assessment yesterday, we cover some very interesting specific technical aspects in today’s Brief Update…


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2012/02/10: Quick Post: Courtesy Access to Rohr Report Market Alert Today

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Short & Sweet (well, maybe not so sweet) today. The further devolution of the Greek debt situation into the intractable state we had expected at some point seems to be upon us. The market manifestation of previous good news was March S&P 500 future pushing so extensively above its resistance at 1,310-15 last Friday. That was truly impressive, as it also represented a fresh UP Break out of its nominal down trendline across the highs from last May and July. As noted on Wednesday, this brought about the typical perverse evolution of expectations then applied, as the extended up move meant the burden of proof was obviously on the bulls to put the market up through serial resistances in the 1,352.70 and 1,367 areas (the lead contract futures exhaustion high from early last May.)

Especially with the DJIA and NASDAQ 100 already having traded above last year’s highs any violation of the old high in the S&P 500 future resistance should represent the final confirmation the equities can likely significantly extend their rally. And yet, it only managed (in premarket electronic trading yesterday morning) to trade within a whisker of the 1,352.70 lead contract futures high from last July prior to slipping back on the day.

Of course, this is all about the significantly divergent economic influences from a seemingly improved US economy driving equities higher while there is a far less friendly outlook for Europe. That is creating both a specific economic drag, and a cautionary psychology for even the US equity markets. Some say the latter would be trading a lot higher already (based on expected earnings and a reasonable multiple) if it were not for the combined general recessionary drag from Europe, and…

…the risk of significant exacerbation of those tendencies if the Greek Debt Deal fails to materialize timely. Of course, that has been something which week-to-week and month-to-month has missed every deadline for agreement on combined austerity and debt forgiveness. The many convoluted factors are now seeming to become more intractable (as we had surmised they might), and that much more critical due to a key “real” deadline.

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2012/01/20: Further Evolution of Critical Macro-Technical Decision on S&P 500 Stalling

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There is a very interesting fundamental context in markets right now, and even in light of the price activity yesterday in other equities and asset classes much still rests with the S&P 500 future decision into the key 1,310 area resistance. The background on that is the same as yesterday’s post. So, very brief today, simply adding some evolution of the technical trend observations to that extensive previous trend analysis.

The US is still leading the other equity markets higher, which is part of what makes the March S&P 500 future decision so critical with the DAX and FTSE 100 obviously still lagging in spite of pushing above their near-term resistance of late. And before getting to the govvies and the US dollar it is important to note that both the Gold and Crude Oil are sagging in spite of the US equities resilience. Which highlights another interesting twist to the entire range of intermarket activity right now.

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