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2013/10/16: TrendView VIDEO Analysis: Equities, Fixed Income, FX (early)

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TrendView VIDEO ANALYSIS & OUTLOOK: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 (Early Day)


While the TrendView Video is from prior to the US equities opening this morning and S&P 500 future Regular Trading Hours, they remain very relevant for the trend decisions into the critical Washington DC activity today. The timeline of the Equities and Fixed Income portion of the video opens with the typical discussion of macro (i.e. politico-economic) factors shifting into discussion of the short-term and intermediate-term view of the December S&P 500 future at 03:10, with the other equities from 08:15, with govvies analysis beginning at 10:30, and short money forwards from 14:35. The foreign exchange timeline is noted below.

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FOREIGN EXCHANGE timeline below.

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