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2013/10/11: Commentary: SURVEY says: GOP Total Poll Implosion

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COMMENTARY: Friday, October 11, 2013.


That’s right… regardless of their ardent defense of hardball tactics to ostensibly ‘protect the American people from the ravages of Obamacare’, this was just dumb. Tying that effort to a budget negotiation was always going to backfire without control of both houses of Congress and for that matter the White House.

And what the CNBC video segment doesn’t tell you is that the overall popularity of the Republican Party has sunk to 24%… the lowest since those Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls began. As if the degree to which 50% of the American public is now against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) wasn’t enough (a real ‘boonerang effect’ from the Republican effort), the preference for who should run Congress has shifted to 47% Democrat versus 39% Republican!!

That’s the best reading for the Dems since the early 2009 new-President Obama ‘honeymoon’ period. It is all in stark contrast to the general sense of things a mere month ago, when the Dems were plagued with their serial scandal and mismanagement and foreign policy failure problems.


PREDICTABLE!!! The full range of folks NOT in the right-wing Tea Party faction of the GOP who warned (in fact pleaded with their right wing colleagues) that the attempt to tie Obamacare repeal (or even significant delay) to the budget and Debt Ceiling negotiation is too long to list here. Suffice to say we mentioned a couple of them in the first of our serial posts last week Tuesday (GOP paints itself into a corner… and worse) on this slow motion train wreck of a Republican Party failure.

And among the most prominent was Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). As we noted then, he is one of the truly successful businessmen who also happens to be a US Senator. And many on the far right were so impressed with Senator Cruz’ educational background that they were even touting him as a leading contender to be the GOP standard bearer in the next US Presidential election.

Of course, now he looks more like one of those highly educated folks who lacks common sense. As Senator Corker quipped back on September 19th, when the GOP might have still avoided all this opinion poll damage,I didn’t go to Harvard or Princeton, but I can count — the defunding box canyon is a tactic that will fail and weaken our position” …in a clear reference to the Harvard- and Princeton-educated Cruz.

Y’know, this could be the worst advert ever for Princeton University and the Harvard Law School. Of course, anybody who wants to attend either of those august institutions is not likely to put too much emphasis on the failure of a single alumnus to demonstrate a grasp of realpolitik. Then again, it seems to support all those folks who point out there’s a big difference between ‘book learning’ and real world sensibility.

As to the major dimensions of the US political parties’ reversal of fortune, we noted in Monday’s post on the GOP shooting itself in the foot that it had violated The Billy Beane Dictum: “When your enemy’s making mistakes, don’t interrupt him.” !!!!

Thanks for your interest.

p.s. As we are just back to blogging after a lengthy hiatus, some of the information on the blog is a bit dated. We will be clearing that up soon, and all of the current critical information (Calendar, Perspective, Technical Projections) is up to date.

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