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2012/12/31: Quick Post: Techno-Couture Suggestion

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And last but not least, as our final ‘outside-the-box’ bit of advisory for 2012…

Ladies, if you’re still having a problem with a New Year’s Eve ensemble that will be the talk of the party, catch this 

You'll be lit even before you imbibe in this one

You’ll be lit even before you imbibe in this one.
Click for the video and interesting soundtrack.


Futuristic to a fault, even Lady Gaga will not likely upstage you in this one. 


Happened to run across this on Thursday while tripping through the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry with my brother and tech-adept nephew. It’s in the Fast Forward… Inventing the Future permanent exhibit.

The museum is eminently worth visiting for so many great exhibits and insights. But the feedback from my female friends is they should stick with outer- and inner-space and historic and futuristic visions of technology.

Besides, you’d need to steal this one of a kind item today to be ready for tonight, and I hear the Impossible Missions Team is already booked. Oh well.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoyed this New Year’s Eve giggle.

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