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2012/12/21: Quick Post: A time to kick back

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After warning clients and colleagues of the continued risk of a macro-technical disconnect, (technical trend NOT reflecting macro fundamental factors)  it came home to roost late Thursday. Not that it was some sort of big prediction; more so a ‘shot’ based on the continuing Washington DC Fiscal Cliff negotiation disconnect we were seeing that the mainstream press somehow wanted to ignore. So what next after the markets reflected our inferences? A quick TrendView Market Alert for clients on Friday morning, and off on our sole real annual break.

And what better way to begin than dropping down into the city to hang at Chicago’s Millennium Park ‘Bean’ on a crisp winter evening to listen to carols from the Apollo Choir.




Did not necessarily plan on that from the top of the day, but acquiesced to a summons from my oldest daughter to come down and have a great time. Seemed pretty reasonable in light of nothing to do for a change on Saturday morning (typically Weekly Calendar update territory) except sleep in… and get over to a close mutual friend’s house to welcome my younger brother and his son to town.

It was delightful evening. And the Christmas Carols were followed by a great meal at ‘The Gage’ on Michigan Avenue to boot. An auspicious beginning to a real break, courtesy of the goofy US Fiscal Cliff radical binary market influence, and a calendar that creates a two day global trading week next week. Anyone interested in more on that should read both that Market Alert and Tuesday’s ‘Cal-Perspective and S&P rip latest Fiscal Cliff whip into heavy holidays’ blog post.

We are actually glad the influences are so opaquely radical, and the calendar is so truncated. As noted previous, anyone with any sense will have risk dialed down to absolutely minimal levels over the next 10 days. And we advisors can take a real break secure in the knowledge that nobody with any sense will give a rat’s read end what happens until after January 1st.

Happy Holidays and All the Best for the New Year, and as always…

Thanks for your interest.

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