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2012/11/16: The Petraeus Predicament and bye-bye Ho-Ho’s

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Let’s begin by allowing that some might wonder what the liquidation of Hostess Brands and today’s Congressional testimony on the Benghazi tragedy from General David Petraeus have to do with the markets? While the near term effect will likely be very transitory (if indeed there is any at all), they each provide interesting insights and might exert some influence on American politics and economics. It is especially the case right now that the former might have a very significant influence on the latter.

Maybe this all seems more important because it is a slow economic data day. An spite of that we will also have more to say about the state of the markets at the end of this post as well.

To begin, General Petraeus’ fall is a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions. A true American hero whose commitment to public service even at high personal physical and political risk was a model for others. And yet, feet of clay leave him embarrassed and dismissed from high public office. Not the first, but surely one of the most poignant examples of this. And as most readers who have followed the multiple threads of the Benghazi consulate attack are aware, there is at least one aspect which is now very interesting to all concerned: to what degree did his desire to keep his personal problem under wraps affect his performance as CIA chief during and in the immediate aftermath of that attack?

Conspiracy theories abound…


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