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2012/10/24: Weekly Perspective and Technicals available into critical market phase

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Very short and sweet today, because all of the perspective is still much the same as yesterday’s post on the idea that it is Probably NOT Equities Big Bust …Just Yet. Even though the equities gapped down Tuesday below important supports at the bottom of a six-week trading range, the more important trend decision areas remain below the market. In the first instance there is the old early September gap in the 1,400 area on the December S&P 500 future. And that includes a Tolerance level even somewhat lower than that.

Yet, the most important evolution in the background that has driven the market psychology is the weakness of corporate topline revenues. That psychological discussion on that is available in our Weekly Report & Event Summary Perspective (link in the right-hand sidebar), with Technicals updated through Tuesday’s US Close as well.

That reinforces all of the warnings from the bears (present company included) that the weaker global economy would not allow companies to endlessly ‘manufacture’ attractive profits from sheer cost-cutting alone. At some point the piper would need to be paid with the sort of sustained lower earnings expectations that had been anticipated for the third quarter; and now that moment seem to have arrived…

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