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2012/10/20: Quick Post: Just a brief reminder what it’s all about

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Using all of the varied fundamental and technical analysis sometimes seems to bog down into analysis overload. Of course, that means the art is in knowing which techniques and general deduction and/or inference have worked best in historic phases to cut through the extended analytic trees to get a relevant vision of the forest. Yet in spite of the effort required to use a broad range of insights, in the end it is worth it because…

It’s all about ‘macro’ analysis: history has taught us that to be effective we need to use all the tools. And in addition to any modern extensions of analytic thought, that includes ancient philosophy as well. Which reinforces the idea that markets are a highly pressurized partial microcosm of a lot of things that we deal with in real life

In danger all that counts is really carrying out all that has to be done – thoroughness – and going forward, in order not to perish by tarrying in the danger.

— Wilhelm, Richard, The I Ching, Princeton University Press, Princeton, Copyright 1950 by Bollingen Foundation Inc., trigram on Danger p. 115, English translation by C.F. Baynes.

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