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2012/10/10: Weekly Perspective available… Thus spake the financial luminaries!

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A confluence of central bank releases and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) analyses and meetings make this one of the most intense weeks in recent memory. This by far supersedes even last week’s important central bank and economic data influences. Top of the week OECD Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) showed even previous signs of hope from the US and Japan were steadily receding into weakness. More on this in the Weekly Report & Event Summary Perspective available via the link in the right sidebar.

And if anyone is wondering why the equities have taken fright right away from Monday’s gap lower opening, just note the World Bank and IMF reinforced the CLI negativity. The former noted weakness in China and the Pacific was driven by weakness in Europe. So much for ‘delinking’. And the IMF returned to their consistent view that austerity alone would not solve fiscal problems. Yet that is not consistent with the view of benefactors in Germany and northern Europe.

Along with geopolitical disruptions, that is enough to give equities pause and put them down to more critical supports after last week’s Friday Fizzle…

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