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2012/10/09: Quick Post: Weekly Calendar & Tech Now Available

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It was a holiday yesterday, but the market dynamics were definitely in play. That showed up in the equities softness yesterday turning into a more serious downturn today. Will this continue, or is it just another dip?

Technical Projections and Select Comments are already available via the link in the right hand column. The Weekly Reports & Events Calendar is also already posted, and that is important due to the economic data and official projections and pronouncements from the rest of the world this week already being critical, and continuing throughout the balance of the week. We will also be posting the weekly Summary Perspective on Key Influences by tomorrow morning.  

So it shifts into the more critical influence (as we have anticipated for some time)


 …of the global economic trends highlighted in releases this week (analysis and speeches as well as data.) In addition to the extended central bank QE not appearing to provide any further confidence (who knew??!), the stresses in Europe are finally being noted for their effect on other regions. As we had suspected right along, the entire ‘delinking’ idea is a bit less than credible in such a heavily interconnected global economy.

Watch the technical levels closely for signs of a more definitive trend decisions now that the Euro-zone situation and global economic activity is reaching a more critical juncture than any seen in the past several months. And keep in mind the S&P 500 future and primary government bond markets are headed into the key quarterly corporate earnings report season. That has been very supportive of equities in past quarters. Will that continue, or is this the quarter when slower overall global activity finally comes home to roost?

Thanks for your interest.

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