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2012/10/05: Quick Post: Courtesy MARKET ALERT: Employment Report technical trend assessment

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Very short and sweet today, because all of the perspective is still much the same as expressed previous on the critical nature of an effective response to the ‘perverse’ Spanish bailout dynamic. ECB President Draghi did a great job of offsetting the potential political risks by pointing out how forcefully the European Central Bank can and will act once the European powers-that-be reach agreement.

He waxed eloquent on credit spreads, conditionality, and mostly deferred back to the political class to strike the agreements that would allow the ECB to intervene at all. A masterful job of “doing something” without really doing anything more than reconfirming previous positions. And equity markets seemed to appreciate that quite a bit, as it leaves the door open to ECB activating Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) on all manner of far-flung justifications anytime it can specify the Monetary Policy Transmission channel is disrupted. Possibly even prior to a final agreement by the politicians.


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