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2012/09/19: Quick Post: US solutions after election? NOT Likely!!

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Very Quick Post indeed after the notice of our Summary Perspective being available earlier today. Yet, it seemed important to share our perspective on some US political matters that impact the potential Fiscal Cliff. Substantially that is the degree to which there is much talk of, Nothing will happen until after the election.”

As we have noted previous, that carries with it the implication (or at least encourages people to draw the inference) that somehow after the election the highly partisan US Congress and Executive branch will find a way to heal their differences, and it will all be put in order. That’s quite a hostage to fortune.

And especially so in the context of one aspect that highlights the warped US political zeitgeist. The Financial Times was kind enough to publish my opinion on that today in the Letters section…



…on the degree to which the broader electoral bases in the US seem to be working diligently against their own enlightened self-interest. That should be apparent from how the supporters of each side have fared over the past 3 1/2 years.

I hope you find An uninformed electorate blights American politics a good read, and some interesting thoughts. The online version  also has links to other interesting related letters and articles, including the very good Comment by Edward Luce on the degree we are at risk of going over the Fiscal Cliff. My perspective focuses on the broad tendencies of the voters in each camp, and why their representatives in Congress are more likely to be constrained by the ideology of their supporters than find common ground after November 6th has come and gone.

What is everyone expecting? Are these two sides that could not prevent the problems into August of last year, with even the so-called Super Committee failing to enact a plan other than the draconian directives of the Fiscal Cliff program, and a President who almost totally ignored the findings of his own Budget Advisory Committee all going to come together in a group hug and sing Kumbaya?

When the major electoral bases are voting more so on ideology than their practical experience of the Obama administration, further problems seem a far more likely outcome than political and fiscal reconciliation.

Enjoy the read, and as always…

Thanks for your interest.

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