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2012/08/31: Quick Post: Courtesy Brief Update: To QE or not to QE?

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Short & Sweet again on the specific market comments in this post, because today’s TrendView Brief Update is a pointed discussion of some significant points in the quantitative easing debate. As we have noted in previous posts, we feel QE is the Opiate of the Perma-Bulls. We will have more for you on that soon.

However, in the meantime it would seem that whatever Mr. Bernanke has to say today must be respected as a potential short term influence on the markets. And that is in spite of the far greater influence that will likely come from the next steps (for better or worse) in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis. And that reaches a truly critical horizon into the ECB press conference and meeting between German Chancellor Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy… both of which are coincidentally (or not) next Thursday.



In the meantime, we should also not lose interest after Chairman Bernanke is done speaking just because US Labor Day holiday weekend looms. Given the prominence of the overall global situation and current critical phase of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis evolution, we had suggested earlier this week IMF head Lagarde’s speech this afternoon (13:30 CDT; 14:30 EDT; 18:30 GMT) might be as important as what Mr. Bernanke has to say this morning. We will certainly still be paying attention later on today.

In the meantime enjoy the read, and our US readers should also have a great holiday weekend.

Thanks for your interest.


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