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2012/08/07: Quick Post: Weekly Calendar and Perspective Now Available

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The weekly Report & Event Calendar is available through the link in the right hand column along with this week’s Summary Perspective on Key Influences. Even as we remain a bit skeptical of the extended rally, it must be allowed that the better sentiment from the extended implication of ECB President Draghi’s press conference can push equities higher in the near-term.

That much was apparent by Friday morning, so it is no surprise that the positive equities influences have the upper hand for now. And as we noted on Friday, that means the primary government bond markets and US dollar were going to suffer as their ‘haven’ bid tendencies were reversed in the face of the sustained near-term equities strength.

And with a relatively light reporting calendar early this week, the factors that might discourage equities once again can only appear from Wednesday into Thursday based upon two aspects…


…such as the typical 3-5 day “benefit of the doubt” window for equities to hope for the best during these Euro-zone ‘consensus’ phases. That points toward seeing how the news from Europe is developing into this Thursday or Friday. Given the magnitude of the current finely tuned decision President Draghi set up last week, the grace period might even last a bit longer.

There is also the issue of the economic data that intensifies through Wednesday into Thursday… culminating in extensive Chinese inflation, Industrial Production and Retail Sales data Thursday, along with an atypical midweek release of OECD Composite Leading Indicators. The latter are more important than usual after the recent downturn for most countries in the last release.

General Market Observations

We have changed the format in the Summary Perspective on Key Influences to include the excerpts from the technical projections for the key markets in the final Concise Market View section. That means it encompasses more than just the typical brief comment on the S&P 500 future provided previous in this section. As was also the case in these posts’ EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS, it now includes the T-note, Eurodollar and the US dollar and cross rates foreign-exchange indications as well. The extended support and resistance levels and select comments from the Technical Projections will provide better, more convenient access to the extended technical levels throughout the week.

The initial response on the shift from the previous more extensive text-based comments to providing the extended technical levels with concise commentary has been very good. We hope you find this useful as well.

Thanks for your interest.

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