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2012/06/20: Quick Post: Weekly Calendar and Perspective still relevant

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In all humility, our assessment of why the equities would strengthen and other asset classes would behave as they have into the FOMC meeting today has turned out pretty much as expected… At least so far. The Weekly Report & Event Calendar is still available through the link in the right hand column. The focused comments below it are now also available as well in the calendar section as the Summary Perspective on Key Influences. We hope you find that useful as well.

It contains the opening summary of why European and central bank influences were going to underpin the equities in the first part of the week. It also has the Concise Market View at the end, which points out the key levels for the equities that are probably also the overall driver for market psychologies in the other asset classes.

Not the least of which is…

…whether the September S&P 500 future can sustain activity above its major 1,350-55 technical congestion. Lest anyone forget, falling below the 1,338 Tolerance of that support back in mid-May is what brought the market down to the obvious next major support in the mid-1,200 area prior to the recent recovery. And just to keep it short and sweet in front of Mr. Bernanke’s press conference, the equities decision will probably impact all of the other asset classes that are also in critical ground.

That includes the EUR/USD test of 1.2750, commodity currency Australian dollar nearing AUD/USD 1.0250, strong sister turned weekly September German Bund future testing its critical 140.00 area support (with a Tolerance to 139.60) even if other primary government bond markets remain quite a bit stronger, July Crude Oil future slipping further below its violated 85.00 support toward the more major 80.00-79.50, and August Gold future recovering from its slippage below important 1,615-00 support… potentially signaling it senses more of a crisis returning in spite of the more collegial talk out of Europe and friendly sentiment (yet no action) from the Fed.

Of course, all of the General Market Observations and EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS are included in the Summary Perspective.

Thanks for your interest.

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