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2012/06/07: Courtesy ‘Brief Update’ on markets in Central Bank-a-thon

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Short & Sweet on the specific market comments in this post, because today’s TrendView Brief Update was an extended discussion of the various price trends at a psychologically important juncture after the recent market ‘disconnect’. In fact, quite a bit of that is follow-up on the other asset classes (i.e. outside of equities) psychology and technical trend structure that has also shifted markedly due to the improved near term global economic and equities sentiment.

And that includes an important evolution of some of the key technical trend indications, like the daily MACD’s turning up for EUR/USD, AUD USD. Of course the commensurate weakness has seen the reversal to the DOWNside on near-term indications for the US dollar index and the primary government bond markets.

In our view this is all still likely a correction based upon the slightly more constructive complexion of the debate in Europe. As we have seen in the past, that can have anywhere from a 72 hour to approximately 10-day lifecycle prior to greater contention weighing on the situation again. And the equities are acting like they believe the somewhat more extended grace period is likely in place, possibly while we await the likely or actual outcome of the next Greek collection a week from Monday.

In any event, there are neither General Market Observations nor EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS, in today’s post, because all of that is covered in your courtesy access to today’s TrendView Brief Update.

Thanks for your interest.


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