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2012/05/14: Quick Post: Weekly Calendar and Perspective Available

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The Weekly Report & Event Calendar is now available through the link in the right hand column. The focused comments below it are already available as well in the calendar section as the now regular weekly Summary Perspective on Key Influences. We hope you find that useful as well.

For those of you who have not already seen it, there is a lot of emphasis on Wednesday into Thursday this week. However, as opposed to last week’s clear focus on the data, it’s all about the facts on the ground out of Europe this week. After Wednesday’s FOMC minutes, the subsequent government bond auctions right into a European holiday on Thursday will surely be a bellwether for success or failure of any extended plans to stabilize the Euro-zone situation…


…and once again there is some Chinese economic data on Friday to cap off the week. Will it favor the bears the way last week’s weaker than expected data did? And how will it either exacerbate or mitigate whatever comes out of Europe? What we think we know (almost rising to the level of a Rumsfeld ‘known-known’) is that any additional weak data on top of disarray in Europe will weigh on a lot of markets. Possibly only primary government bond markets and the recently resilient US dollar will avoid the carnage.

On the other hand, if the situation in Europe is stabilizing at all around some miraculous consensus developing on how to stimulate more growth with ditching too much austerity (and ‘miracle’ is the operative term on that one), then even weak Chinese data might not be too troubling.  The problem is that (at least so far) the response of European peripheral debt markets has been to sink (and yields rise) at the prospect of less fiscal discipline than was agreed during hard fought negotiations…

…and it will not be easy to get that genie back into the bottle once the momentum toward fiscal rebalancing is seen as unreliable. And, of course, none of that even begins to factor in what happens if Greek ‘rejection’ of austerity leads to its ‘ejection’ from European Monetary Union.

We hope you find that useful. And as there is a concise review of trend tendencies in the Summary Perspective, there are neither any General Market Observations nor EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS in this post.

Enjoy the read and as always…

Thanks for your interest.

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