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2012/05/02: Quick Post: ALERT: It’s only going to get wilder…

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Our Weekly Report & Event Calendar and focused comments in the Weekly Report & Event Summary Perspective on key influences anticipated all this from the top of the week. Hope you found that useful, as the fun has just begun.

Whatever has transpired so far is just like a good symphony: it is just the overture for what is coming next. And for any of you who might have failed to read that assessment of the key event horizons for the week…


…the shootin’ only really starts this afternoon during the later phase of US Regular Trading Hours. We are of course referring to the Showdown at French Election Corral. The critical debate between Messrs. Sarkozy and Hollande is purported to be very tightly timed from 21:00 Central European Time (14:00 CDT; 15:00 EDT; 19:00 GMT) for 2 1/2 hours.

While that might make it somewhat of an influence on the late trading in US markets, the final assessment of Monsieur Sarkozy’s success in a critical come-from-behind effort will be a key influence on the markets tomorrow. And lest anyone forget, the ECB post-rate decision press conference Q&A will occur without the luxury of knowing the European Non-Manufacturing PMI’s. As discussed in that Monday morning Weekly Report & Event Summary Perspective (still available in the right-hand column), continental Europe’s Labour Day holiday yesterday has created many displacements that add intensity to the typically already crowded first week of the month.

We hope you find that useful. And as there is a concise review of trend tendencies in that Summary Perspective, there are neither any General Market Observations nor EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS in this post. You can also check out the still relevant technical projections just below the calendar in the right-hand column.

On balance, it is all going to have a lot to do with whether the June S&P 500 future maintains its short term strength on multiple tests of support (violated resistance) in the 1,390 area, and whether the June Bund future can sustain its ‘jailbreak’ above the low 141.00 area. If the latter is so, the technical implication is for it to gain another couple of points on the upside. It all makes for a most interesting macro-technical trend evolution. Can the “good” (or at least somewhat better) US surmount the serial indications of economic weakness and peripheral sovereign debt problems presented by Europe? We shall see.

Thanks for your interest.

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