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2012/04/21: Weekend Wrap: Courtesy Brief Update, Headwinds, Technicals, Interesting Twist on LinkedIn

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The Friday pressures are sometimes so daunting it occurs to us that a lot of our readers might also like a retread at the weekend. Voila!As most of our analysis is geared toward forward views on what’s next, it seems that by Friday we do not have a lot new to say, and a bit of short term retrospective and glance at what’s coming up seems useful.

This will not in any way supplant the Weekly Report & Event Calendar or Summary Perspective into Monday, which will be forthcoming. It will more so serve as a review of some of the most influential aspects of the previous week. A debriefing of sorts on some of the more interesting aspects and ideas.

First and foremost among these last week was the fact that the earth did not open up and swallow the Euro-zone due to a bad Spanish 10-year government debt auction. And that’s because the auction actually went fairly well. While the higher yields necessary to attract ample bids were not a net positive, they remained well below the ostensibly critical 6.00% threshold (at least for now.) And the bids were indeed ample at more than twice the high end quantity of the original offering plan; which allowed Spain to actually raise a bit more funding than was expected.

So, once again the Euro-zone can sardonically declare… 

(À la Samuel Clemens) “Rumors of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated.” Which is quite interesting in terms of market reactions that saw the ‘haven’ German bonds trade to new all-time high (low yield), and the DAX equity index finish lower on the day Thursday in spite of the slight softening of Spanish yields. More on the background to the multiple headwinds facing the equity markets can be found in the courtesy access to Friday morning’s full institutional TrendView Brief Update. It visits some of the key ideas about the potential issues facing the global economy that might (even if only in conjunction with each other) spell problems.

It seems to always take multiple factors to derail a well-established equities up trend.  We will also revisiting those soon in a more expansive blog post on the reasons there could be multiple economic drags weighing on the global economy later this year. And the Brief Update touches on a subtle drag at present that may become far more prominent: the proverbial “elephant in the room” is the ongoing dysfunctional US fiscal and budget situation.

Beyond that, the week actually ended on a very orderly note for the most part. All of the major asset classes were more so inclined to fill out in ranges, or only mildly extend trends. Amongst the most interesting on the latter was the clear counterpoint between the strong sister German Bund and weak sister UK Gilt. Even so, the Gilt managed to Close the week at the top of the 115.00-114.50 support range after testing the bottom of it.

And as strong as a June Bund future Close above the early March 140.52 previous all-time high may appear, it still fell short of escaping 141.00. As we anticipated on the way into this week, that weekly oscillator and toping line zone could restrain even the push to the new high seen this week. It remains critical into next week. All the rest remains trading affairs in recent ranges; even the weakening of the yen we believe will proceed much further across time. And it is all summarized in the still relevant Current Rohr Technical Projections – Key Levels & Select Comments from after Wednesday’s US Close (available through the link near the top of the right-hand column.)

And the freshness of that analysis along with the comments in the TrendView Brief Update supersedes the need for any General Market Observations or EXTENDED TREND IMPLICATIONS in today’s post.

What’s also interesting is how extensively the social media functions have evolved. Even in the previously more B2B world of LinkedIn it is possible to have an introductory video auto-start on your profile page. I’ve added that to the front of an historic US equity market comparison  slide show on my LinkedIn profile that you might also find interesting. If the video doesn’t auto–start when the profile page comes up, possibly try another web browser. At least in an uncertain world we can all count on Internet Explorer still being finicky… LOL.

And thanks to sports marketing guru and social media aficionado Lewis Howes for the tips on how to get a video to auto-start on a LinkedIn profile page.

Enjoy the read, and especially the extended content in the linked video and historic US equity market slide show. And as always…

Thanks for your interest.

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