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2012/02/28: Quick Post: Courtesy Access to Rohr Report ‘Brief Update’

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Short & Sweet today in this post, because the rest of it gets a bit circular and convoluted and a bit lengthier than usual in our ‘brief’ analysis. March S&P 500 future pushing above 1,367 but then getting stuck instead of exploding is a compelling sign of the “bi-modal” nature of the market psychology right now…

…which is also reinforced by the primary government bond markets trading at the highs of their current rallies at the same time. We have done chapter & verse in the past on the ability of govvies and equities to keep the bid together (like the linked extensive review from last May that notes some factors which are similar to today’s) for a longer period than many would normally expect. That said, the current intermarket activity is (in the words of renowned Chef Emeril Lagasse) “kicking it up” to a whole new level.

And the decision on whether it all ends in Agony or Ecstasy comes down to our paraphrase of Churchill,Never in the course of capital markets arrangements has so much been dependent upon the cooperation of so few.” That has to do with the decision by a Private Sector Involvement (PSI) private holders of Greek debt on their critical “participation” in the ‘voluntary’ dilution of the value of their holdings. And in that further wonderful episode of Europe kicking the can down the road, it seems they have until March 12th to decide whether to accept the “haircut” on their Greek bond holdings. All of the news and trend activity in the various asset classes are a most interesting macro-technical matrix right now.

There is also our preliminary discussion of the key aspects that will affect the overall trend structure of the impressively buoyant primary government bond markets as they head into the quarterly futures expiration rollover beginning next week with the March Bund future.

So enjoy the access to our also concise views through a courtesy look at today’s Rohr Report TrendView BRIEF UPDATE institutional edition as the best way to ensure you have what you need for now. Hope you find all that useful.

Thanks for your interest.

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