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2012/02/03: Quick Post: Courtesy Access to Rohr Report Brief Update Today

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Short & Sweet. March S&P 500 future pushing above its resistance at 1,310-15 once again is truly impressive. Unless it can find a reason to drop back into it by the end of the day, the next stop is likely 1,340 or even 1,350-55. Yet govvies remain firm enough on their near term downside reactions, at least so far, to give pause to the fully bullish equities momentum. This reflects the skepticism other asset classes had already been exhibiting on overall resolution of European problems, which is also not really been fully resolved spite of happy talk once again. And it will all revolve around one key issue today

It’s all about the revision and differential today into the US Employment Report. We are more interested at present in remaining circumspect into the multiple reports today, and seeing the results once the dust settles. As such, please access our also very concise updated views through a courtesy look at today’s Rohr Report TrendView BRIEF UPDATE institutional edition as the best way to ensure you have what you need.

This summary form of background and specific technical contingencies remains very consistent with all of our views of the past week and previous posts.

Thanks for your interest.

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