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2012/02/01: Quick Post: Technical Projections and Comments Now Available

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The Current Rohr Technical Projections – Key Levels & Select Comments (as of Tuesday’s US Close) are now available through the link in the right hand column. We have summarized some of the most interesting and telling tendencies below.

Somewhat more upbeat economic data assisting the equities has also been putting a bit of pressure on the US dollar and primary government bond markets. Yet they have also been quite resilient, not exhibiting any UP trend reversing effects just yet in govvies even if the US Dollar Index failed last week.

Adding to the somewhat perverse “it’s all going up together” psychology (except the US dollar) right now is the strength of Gold once again and resilience of Crude Oil, which would not normally accompany the combined overall up trends in equities and govvies.

As such, we still see these markets as being very fraught, with the potential for a sharp reversal to the downside in equities a distinct possibility in spite of sustained strength so far. However, that said, it is very clear that the burden of proof later this week is now on the equities’ bears to knock the March S&P 500 future back at least into the 1,315-10 range, or potentially see a push above the 1,329.50 high (right around key resistance) that would encourage a move to at least 1,340 and likely 1,350 area. In that case, we suspect that (much like two weeks ago) the govvies and US dollar will turn psychologically stale, due in part to how well they have held up (well at least until last week in the greenback) while the equities have been so resilient early this year.

Thanks for your interest.

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