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2011/11/22: Quick Post: Technical Projections and Comments Now Available

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The Current Rohr Technical Projections – Key Levels & Select Comments (as of Monday’s US Close) are now available through the link in the right hand column.


All of the trend evolution is consistent with our previous discussions late last week of shifts in the inter- and intra-asset class trend influences and technical tendencies. We refer you back to those for review of the drivers for further equities weakness now being consistent with the weakness of both the gold and to a lesser degree the energy markets.

While the govvies seem to still be perversely (albeit predictably) benefiting from the US fiscal reform failure, as we have noted for some time it is less clear that influence will allow the US dollar to develop its typically robust ‘haven’ bid on further weakness of the equities. Not that it will necessarily fail in any major way, yet is obviously less strong than the govvies during the weakest phases in the equities.

Of course, in addition to all of that anticipation of the trend extensions into early this week, there is also additional current perspective on the fundamental influences and evolution of specific key technical indications as of Monday’s US Close.

Thanks for your interest.

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