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2011/11/14: Quick Post: Weekly Reports & Events Calendar Now Available

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The full calendar is available through the link in the right hand column. This is such a robust week once again, it is impossible to include anything but a fraction of the major influences in an overview. Yet, a few key aspects stand out among the other important reports and events.

In addition to the continued sharp influences from the attempts to address the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, there is also going to be quite an impact from important scheduled reports, communication from central banks and bankers, and government debt auctions.

The latter are very prominent this Thursday, as we see offerings from Europe as well as a US 10-year TIPS auction. Along with Tuesday it is the most intense event horizon this week. However, even though today is nominally a bit lighter than those heavy midweek influences, the nature of four key aspects today make it fairly critical. Consistent with continued concerns about the European situation, there is an Italian BTP auction that should be very interesting…

…at least to see how far the European Central Bank is willing to go in supporting Italian paper after it had made clear previous it cannot be relied upon to endlessly support suspect sovereign debt. The other important items today are the always telling (if not immediately influential) OECD Composite Leading Indicators, Euro-zone Industrial Production and quarterly figures for US Mortgage Delinquencies and MBA Mortgage Foreclosures highlighting other weak aspects of the global economy.

Thursday picks up the intensity with the Chinese Conference Board Leading Economic Index, all those European bond auctions, Euro-zone Construction Output, and the US Philadelphia Fed Index leading into Friday’s Chinese MNI Flash Business Sentiment Survey, Euro-zone Consumer Confidence, and last but by no means least, new ECB president Draghi providing the opening remarks at the 21st European Banking Congress speaking about “The Big Shift“. (??)

Who chose that title? And did they have any sensitivity to the inherent fears about handing off the baton (maybe more so the live hand grenade) of ECB leadership, which has attempted to avoid any focus on, well, a big shift? It’s going to be interesting.

Thanks for you interest.

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